The main one Small Change That Helped This Woman See Major Ab Results


When it comes to reaching a proper weight, most of us think it cannot be done without dieting.?But Australian influencer Cass Hines believes?that the answer lies not in depriving yourself?associated with a food but changing how?much you eat and how often.

In a recent Instagram post, Hines explained how portion control helps her trim her midsection?and leave her feeling fantastic. She also shared a pre and post photo?illustrating how this strategy?worked for her.

“I was raised to complete everything on my plate and that i wasn’t permitted to leave the table until Used to do,” she captioned her post. “Who else can relate? I also have a tendency to pick at anything my [4-year-old] results in on her behalf plate.”

Going on vacation, however, gave?Hines an opportunity to try mindful eating strategies. And with no temptation to complete off her preschooler’s?snacks, she ate?three meals?of assorted proportions every day: a sizable breakfast, a medium-size?lunch, and a smaller dinner.

Now, she continues to eat the same three meals at the same sizes, and she credits them with helping her shape up her abs and feel strong and healthy. “I concentrate on portion control because I honestly think we can and really should have all the feaures moderately,” she continued. “I’m still in a position to eat the treats I would like, but within reason, so watching my portions remains my big focus.”

Part of this focus has a few tips to avoid overeating. From sitting down to?your meal to eating with loved ones, savoring both the food on your plate and the atmosphere surrounding it?is?key. Hines’ portion control technique is a lot more enjoyable, as well as healthier, than depriving yourself.