Janet Roach's Raw Essentials tea range


Creating her own tea range happens to be one of the reality TV star’s most satisfying ventures, yet rrt had been inspired by your most challenging often.

In 2011, Janet Roach received the type of phone call every parent fears.

Her youngest son, Jake, then 22, had suffered horrific burns in a accident within a party.

He was flown towards the Alfred hospital where it had become revealed he needed third degree burns to 70 percent of his body and was handed a 35?per cent chance of survival.

The months and years that followed were long and hard for Jake with the exceptional family.

He endured an individual you believe relentless round of appointments, treatments and surgeries. But Jake was lucky his family was able to pay for expensive treatments to lower the thickness of his scarring and to lessen the redness.

While his physical condition improved, it turned out the mental anguish that was more troubling.

“He lost the joy of life. He wasn’t curious about anything,” recalls Janet, a star on the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Harnessing the healing properties of plants

Janet has long believed in the healing properties of plants and brewed her own teas from her home-made herbs.

She suggested he make an attempt to detox by incorporating of her teas, and even though Jake was reluctant at the outset, he eventually agreed. The response was dramatic, though not really what they expected.

“After about four-five days, his skin broke out into most of these pustules. I said it might be the tea, and we stopped the tea additionally, the pustules started to acquire a little bit better,” she says.

“A week later Jake ever done it again and it happened again- but he stated to me, ‘I?become like I’m emerging from a fog. I am so much clearer mentally’.

He lost the joy of life. He wasn’t curious about anything.

“He started getting up off the couch, having a shower in the morning. He arrived at quite love the tea and would drink everthing the time.”

Jake remained hold of other burns victims he has met within the Alfred, and felt his condition looked noticeably quite as good as some of his friends. He knew it was actually because he ended up being privy to exclusive treatment man or woman can afford.

“He attained me and said, ‘I prefer to start a foundation that can help other burn victims’,” Janet says. “Jake said: ‘You love your tea, we should make a tea range? We’ll sell the tea and donate proceeds in the foundation’.”

They have created different organic therapeutic teas, Raw Essentials, thanks to experienced tea masters. Blends include Detox AM and Detox PM, Power, Digestive, Anti-Inflammatory, and Sleep. There’s also?four new varieties – Slim, Immune, Aphrodisiac and Menopause.

“It’s been my desire for years, for you to do it for work,” Janet says.

“My son says with myself, ‘Isn’t it amazing? You were once a property developer we used to be in finance, now you have got a burns charity and available now a tea company’. But they are the things that really mean something to us, and you don’t usually get the opportunity to look and make this happen.”


The Raw Essentials tea range now includes four new blends Immune, Menopause, Slim, Aphrodisiac.

The range is available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse.