Amazon Core 10 Build-Your-Own Leggings Review


One of the best perks of working at?Health is the fact that I’m lucky enough to get test a lot of activewear. As a result, I’ve become very, very opinionated about leggings, and like different brands for different activities: supersoft?Manduka?leggings?are my go-to?for?flights;?Onzie leggings?are lightweight, making them ideal for an outdoor run; and Visakai leggings, with their built-in underwear, help me flow through my weekly?vinyasa yoga class.

Recently, though, I had the chance to try leggings from Core 10, Amazon’s?newest private athletic brand. The road includes both sports bras?and tights, however it was their Construct your Own Bottoms?that caught my eye. The tool enables you to customize your personal perfect pair of leggings by selecting the length, waistband, and elegance of your liking.?Prices range from $59?for capris to $69 for full-length. I opted for the high-waist leggings within the 7/8 length.

from $59;

My order arrived a couple of days before I was scheduled to take?a two-week vacation, and since I’d already packed the majority of the leggings within my regular rotation, I decided to debut the Core 10 bottoms?around the five-hour flight. Without a doubt that?they were incredibly comfortable-the perfect amount of stretch, a higher waistband that sat comfortably on my small midsection (no annoying digging!), and a fit that hugged?my curves?but never felt like my circulation was cut?off.

They were so comfy, in fact, that I kept wanting to re-wear them throughout my trip, despite the fact that I had my other faves stashed in my suitcase. My Core 10 leggings?carried me through multiple hotel gym workouts, a three-mile hike, and 2 flights (don’t worry-I laundered?them between wears).

There is one catch, though: The Core 10 line is a Prime exclusive, meaning you’ll want a subscription to the service?to buy them. Discover an associate already, you can subscribe to a 30-day free trial offer here.