The HIIT Workout That Anna Kaiser Swears By


We are all aware the potency of high intensity interval workouts (HIIT). They get the heartbeat up, work all of your muscles and offer some serious results pretty quickly. That’s why we’ve enlisted Anna Kaiser, the founder of AKT moving and the celebrity trainer behind the bodies of Kelly Ripa and Shakira, to create a custom HIIT workout for you. “HIIT workouts are certainly one of my favorite methods for getting fit,” Kaiser says. “It’s hard, but since you’re only exerting yourself for a short period of time, it flies by pretty quickly.”

Even if a few of these moves appear too challenging for you personally, you shouldn’t be discouraged, says Kaiser. “You will keep this routine low impact and still get the majority of the benefits by simply holding the weights, taking out the jumps and moving with intention,” she says.

This routine will engage every muscle within your body, improve your aerobic capacity and challenge your stability, endurance and stamina. “Once you’ve mastered HITT workouts,” Kaiser says, “everything else will seem easy!”

For the squats, make sure that ?you’re? making use of your? full-range of movement and extremely try to get your bo?oty? right down to a? 90-degree angle from your knee. When you are twisting and punching, make certain you’re engaging your obliques, to ensure that you aren’t ?compensating with? your back.

Perform this routine a minimum of three to five times each week depending on your goals.