People Are Editing Out Their Hip Dips on Instagram-Why This Woman Refuses To


You know hip dips-these are the?inward curves above each hip bone that many of us have. Some people have hip dips that are more visible than others, and lots of users?on social networking edit theirs out, viewing them like a body flaw when these curves are in fact totally normal.

So it’s refreshing to come across an influencer who’s no longer hiding her hip dips and instead celebrating them-and taking to Instagram to show why others should too.

On Tuesday, London-based influencer Danielle Mansutti-best known for her beauty advice and enviable travel itinerary-shared a note about her hip dips, which was once one of her biggest body?insecurities.

“HIP DIPS!” she wrote. “Something that a lot of women (and men) have, yet something so hidden away. I’ve had hip dips provided I can remember, and have spent nearly all my entire life feeling like I had been the only person on the planet who had them.”

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HIP DIPS! ???? Something which so many women (and men) have, yet something so stashed ??? I’ve had hip dips provided I’m able to remember, and also have spent nearly all my life feeling like I had been the only person on the planet who had them. We reside in a world now where a lot of a specific item whilst, scrolling through Instagram, isn’t real. Everyone knows this. Yet we do not see it. When the girl you’re following edits her hip dips so that they don’t seem like they’re there, it is something you should never compare you to ultimately, because it is an illusion. I hold my hands up high to admitting my part in skewing my body and editing it to obscene lengths previously – only to participate in another bodies I saw around me… If all influencers are editing their health, then the average girl will have a completely skewed and false impression of body image. Something to also note is that a number of the bodies you compare yours to weren’t born that way. Liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts and butt implants have become a typic – and if it can make someone happy to get that done, that’s entirely okay since it is themselves as well as their decision. But if you’re much like me, someone who has never gone into surgery, never had plastic surgery (I’ve had lip fillers as everyone knows, but I’m referring to proper reconstruction surgery here!) only then do we do need to remember not to compare the body to bodies which have been enhanced. If you have hip dips, just like I do, guess what – it’s normal! Sometimes I really like mine and often I do not, but I’ve accepted that they are a part of me and therefore are an ordinary thing. Continuing to move forward, I’m continuing my journey of body acceptance and self-love, and I think many of that is to show the truth. The more of us who post hip dips, the more normal it is, and also the more women will recognise that they are COMPLETELY normal to have them. They’re also a fantastic little dip in my legs to relax my snacks on, so I’m not complaining ?????