14 Stages to be Sore Following a Workout



But as the body cools down, you understand the following 12-72 hours will be hell.

You hydrate, refuel, and get ready for some?beauty?(and recovery) sleep. (That is super?important for weight loss, FYI.)

Nothing can help you save now. (Except for these?sore-muscle treatments. Maybe.)

Then you realize you feel like you got hit with a truck. LOL JK I’m staying right here.

This may include slowly moving one limb at any given time or rolling just like a log straight to the floor. (Fingers crossed the feet catch you).

Getting a coffee mug off the top shelf suddenly seems impossible. And bending down to place your shoes on…LOLOL.

Just leave me here to die.


This has to be?the?sexiest thing ever.

Active recovery often means laying around the couch, right? Yoga isn’t gonna happen.

Praise the celebs for?foam rollers. Although that creepy trainer is definitely mistaking your “ow” face to have an “O” face.

Like, unmentionable, terrible things.

But actually you feel even worse. So it’s another day of death.

After hurting badly, just being able to move seems like a good thing on the planet.

Hello, vicious #gainz cycle.