Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks Review


One thing I really love about running (and that i love several things about running) is you don’t need a great deal to do it.

Sure, a lot of us runners love decking ourselves out?from top to bottom in fancy gear, from?stay-put sunglasses?to a high-tech GPS watch to?compression sleeves for aching shins. But all you?truly?need?to run are a few sneakers?and-depending in your parts-a sports bra.

I’m here to add one other thing to that list of running essentials, however: an incredible pair of socks. Fine, looking for socks may not be as exciting as unboxing a new fitness tracker or slipping on a new pair of leggings. But the perfect pair makes a bigger difference, something I only realized after many years of running.

I used to run in any old pair of socks that was clean. But?discovering?Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks ($13, changed everything. Now, they’re my absolute favorite socks to run in.

For starters, the plush sole makes them the cushiest socks That i have ever slipped on, however the mesh upper construction keeps them from feeling hot or heavy. You know how the initial few weeks of running in new sneakers can seem to be like running on clouds? These socks make running in months-old shoes feel almost as good.

The structured fit throughout keeps the sock snug to your foot, helping avoid dreaded blisters, and also the cushioned heel tab not only keeps the sock in place, it protects against uncomfortable Achilles rubbing-while still maintaining a sleek, no-show profile.

I have two sets, and?I’m always just a little disappointed when I’m heading out for any run and realize both are in the dirty laundry. Considering you will find?an astonishing 17 color options currently available on Amazon, I’ll be stocking on a few new pairs for summer runs.