Tone Your Arm's With Anna Kaiser's Bath Towel Workout


Anna Kaiser, the celebrity trainer behind the fitness studio AKT in Motion and the bodies of Kelly Ripa and Shakira, knows how to produce a serious burn with a few pretty ordinary objects. In her own latest workout video for all of us, she’s showing us how you can tone our arms and torso having a towel. Yes, a towel. This everyday prop may appear harmless, but don’t be fooled, you’ll be sweating up a storm very quickly!

“This workouts are readily available,” Kaiser says. “Almost everyone owns an extra towel or two.”

In order with this workout to operate, however, you will need to ensure that there’s no slack in your towel. “You want to actively pull and press against the towel in order get maximum results,” Kaiser says.

Kaiser also suggests performing this routine on your knees, instead of standing up, because you will be more stable and closer to the floor. ?

If you’re not feeling the burn, you aren’t pulling hard enough on the towel. Tthere shouldn’t be slack!

Perform this routine 3 to 4 times a week.