Recipe to lose weight — healthy papaya salad


?Prefer to slim down and stay from the prime of this health? Here’s a yummy papaya salad recipe on your behalf. Papaya has multiple health benefits. This can be very full of vit c and fibre that will help prevent cholesterol build-up, it boosts immunity by shielding via various infections, aids digestion and above all, is lower in calories so that it is a great selection for weight watchers. Looking for more health benefits of papaya? Read here.?

Papaya salad recipe by?Ayurvedic cookbook author Gita Ramesh.?


– Papaya (small, raw, peeled, grated): One
– Tomatoes (cut into small cubes): Two
– Green chilli (finely chopped): One
– Jaggery: One and half cubes
– Red chilli powder: A pinch
– Salt: A pinch
– Tamarind juice: Two tablespoon
– Roasted crushed peanuts: 100 gram
– Basil leaves: A few


– Mix the raw papaya, tomatoes and green chilli in a very bowl.

– Now, prepare the sweet syrup for being included with the papaya. Heat the jaggery cubes within a pan till it liquidifies. Add some red chilli powder, salt and tamarind juice and mix well. Remove and let it for cooling after which it include it in the papaya mixture.

– Serve garnished with basil leaves. Also look at the health rewards of tulsi or basil.?

With inputs from IANS.