Celebrate Pride Month With This Dance Cardio Workout Drag Queens Love


Celebrate Pride month and get toned at the same time with this particular dance cardio workout from 305 Fitness! Within the video above, 305 Personal trainer and dancer extraordinaire Walter Kemp II teaches renowned drag artist Marti Gould Cummings how to shape track of cheeky exercises that’ll raise your heartbeat thus making you sparkle with sweat.

This combo of squats, pelvic thrusts, and jumps offers a total-body workout with a side of style. Blast your favorite jams and tell you the circuit three to five times to maximise the burn.

Of course, you shouldn’t have to don heels to savor the advantages of a heart-pumping workout. (Actually, we’re pretty sure it’s far better to do thisCand most physical activityCin sneakers.) However when you are looking at busting moving at Pride, we are able to be certain that these dance steps and a heart full of love for the LGBTQ community leaves you content and satisfied. And if that’s not healthy, we don’t understand what is.

Happy Pride, everyone!