Stay in shape and produce good karma using this personal fitness tracker


GOQii is really a new personal fitness tracker information on improving the user make permanent, positive changes in your lifestyle. Furthermore it cover fitness and health, additionally, it incorporates social philanthropy elements, including allowing users to convert exercise points into real-world donations. ‘The GOQii philosophy is driven because of the love of healthy and meaningful living,’ founder and CEO Vishal Gondal said inside a statement. (Read:Bing fitness app tracks users between workouts)

GOQii has a band, together with ‘GOQii Coach,’ ‘GOQii Experts’ and ‘GOQii Karma.’ GOQii Band is usually a fitness tracker with features including full touch display, water-resistant construction and ‘skin-sensitive’ materials, vibrating alarm, watch, motion sensor and automatic wireless syncing through Bluetooth LE. GOQii Coach contains a various health, fitness, sports and behavioral science experts trained to use ‘scientific methods’ so band wearers can enjoy a very active, healthy lifestyle. Each user gets his well-known coach, whom they speak to monthly via phone or video chat. GOQii Experts would be the fitness and wellness experts helping users ‘make sense’ of knowledge. They also train the coaches regarding motivation, fitness along with other healthy way of life habits. (Read: 7 fitness apps making weightloss fun!)

Perhaps best of all, there’s GOQii Karma, a platform enabling users to support assorted charities and results in they presume a connecting flight with. User steps become ‘sweat equity’ that converts into ‘Karma points,’ that can be employed to make donations to several organizations. The GOQii team incorporates a network of donors and recipient non-profit organizations able to turn Karma points into real (i.e., money) donations. GOQii is actually undergoing beta testing in India before staggered launches happens to the country, Great britain, UAE and Singapore. Costs are currently at about $97 for several months and $162 for Year. (Read: 7 mobile fitness apps for a fitter you (Gallery))

If you should track your fitness levels effectively there are a number of apps making fitness fun. This is the quick list of your options you have got:

Gympact?– Many people usually do not visit the gym since they feel lazy, but what happens if skipping gym meant losing profits! Gympact is definitely an app that lets you set a goal every week, in case you may not meet those goals you’ll want to pay. Alternatively, should you do meet those goals you will get money by users who slacked off. The app recently make a new version called Pact and it’s for free for Android and iOS users.?

Nexercise?– Touted as the fitness app for lazy people, Nexercise makes workouts fun by designing it a competitive online game where you could cross levels and earn points. It’s available for Android and iOS users for nothing.

iPint on iOS and iBeer on Android:?If the friends are gulping down beer at parties, you can also join these with this virtual beer. Sponsored by Carling, this app turns your phone right hyper-realistic beer pint which tilts like real beer. Also, any time you drink it, the glass empties itself and you can refill it as being many times you want without getting drunk or which has a hangover next morning. It’s readily available for free on Android and iOS.?

Embarrassing Bodies My Health Checker:?Before implementing fitness, see what poor shape you are in with this particular app. You could possibly choose a test to determine the body Mass Index, Excess weight percentage maybe basal fat burning capacity. Also, it gives you an indicator of your health threats in addition to tips on tips on how to improve your health. It’s accessible for iOS users for free.

Zombies, Run!:?Co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman, the phone app makes your morning jog more exciting. The storyline begins you crash landing in the heart of a pack of zombies. When you pay attention to your playlists, a voice tells you the zombies are directly behind you together with it’s up to you of saving the civilisation. Your phone’s GPS tracks your speed so if you feel not quick enough you will be eaten up by monsters. It truly is accessible for Rs 186 for Android users and Rs 180 for iOS users. (Read:?Top 8 mobile fitness apps).

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