How you can Be Healthy, Based on Jillian Michaels’ 5-Year-Old Son


Having celebrity trainer as the mom means you must be healthy, right? It would appear the answer is yes, no matter how young you’re. Need proof? Watch what happened whenever we invited Jillian Michaels and her five-year-old son Phoenix to our video studios. We couldn’t help but ask the adorable duo concerning the little one’s favorite wellness habits-and their answers were much more impressive than we anticipated.

Here’s what we learned: Phoenix says his favorite exercise are mountain climbers, but Michaels begs to differ. “That’s not the truth!” she says in the video above. “I would say break dancing. Parkour. And handstands. And cartwheels. Pencil squats. Ninja jumps. Climbing, on everything. A lot of jump training.” Michaels also added that she builds ninja courses out of the furniture in her own home on her son. So we think it’s safe to say Phoenix is definitely an active (and well rounded!) little dude.

As for how the rest of us can stay healthy, Phoenix says it’s answer to eat your vegetables and use. Well played.

Of course just like any other kid (and, let’s be genuine, adult), Phoenix includes a soft spot for sugar. The key non-healthy food he says he loves most? Cotton candy. “Nooo!” screeches Michaels, who then prompts her son to explain why the carnival snack is detrimental for him.

“Because it features a lot of sugar,” Phoenix astutely responds. “And food coloring.” Wow. Kudos to Michaels for teaching her little man to choose natural, whole-foods over processed, artificial ones. Like mother, like son!