Fruit juice contains so much sugar as softdrink, say researchers


We all know sugary carbonated drinks are bad for american, but is fruit juice really any benefit?

That glass of freshly squeezed orange juice might look appealing, but it surely may not be of the same quality for you while you think.

In fact, the amount of sugar in any glass of juice is generally similar to the sugar content in any glass of sentimental drink.

US research recently found each additional glass of sugary drink consumed by people aged 45 numerous older was of an 11 per cent increased risk of dying – mostly as a result of effects of obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The same size glass of juices was of a 24 per-cent higher risk.

Fruit juice v soft drinks

The key nutrients in sugary drinks and juices are typically the same – sugar and water – although juices contain a little vitamins and minerals, their impact the body is similar to soft drink.

So excessively juice isn’t appropriate for anyone who has diabetes, because raises the bad cholesterol and quickly.

Sugary drinks and beverage both have about 10 % sugar content, says Simone Austin, of this Dietitians Association of Australia.

“People think juice is good and they don’t realise just how much sugar it includes and how many fecal material fruit create a single glass of juice,” says of Eat Just like an Athlete.

“You also are more likely to guzzle juice quickly so don’t feel full afterwards, whereas if you ever sat down and ate a joint of fruit, you’d feel fuller.”

Half a glass of juice, or 125ml, is recognised as one serve of fruit, but most people drink moreover.

A full glass of orange juice can contain up to a whopping five oranges – greater than the recommended two serves of fruit everyday.

Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend we limit our intake of drinks containing added sugar, including sugar-sweetened pop and cordials and fruit drinks.

“Juice often doesn’t retain the fibre from a piece of fruit either,” says Simone.

The skin of some fruit also includes pectins that help feed healthy gut bacteria they usually aren’t found the maximum amount in juice.

Top tactics to enjoy fruit juice

Written by Sarah Marinos.