Alcohol and sobriety: Learn how to say no to alcohol at social functions


When did saying no thank you to alcohol become a really big deal? We ask the dog pros to weigh in.

Don’t fancy a tipple working drinks on a Friday night, or maybe a cold beer inside the footy game?

Chances would be the choice to refrain from alcohol has ended in plenty of questions in your family, friends or colleagues from time to time.

So why do we give non-drinkers this kind of hard time?

Alcohol: The socially acceptable drug

In Australia, possessing a drink to release at the end of one day has become ingrained within way of life.

“Unfortunately, due to an entrenched drinking culture around australia, many people feel likely to expectation to drink socially to get fun or coordinate,” Alcohol and Drug Foundation spokeswoman Laura Bajurny says.

This suggests that often while you are abstaining in a social occasion, there are derisive comments made about your stance or peer-pressure to participate in and participate.

But never fear: that hassle you encounter probably says a lot more about the person making the comment than you.

“People may have a negative response when others say they are consuming alcohol as they themselves may think judged with their own drinking habits or feel self-conscious regarding behaviour when consuming alcohol,” Laura says.

“People who truly worry about your needs will support your responsibility.”

Know you’re not alone

And at present, people choosing to abstain from striking the plonk are on the increase.

“With almost 20 per cent of Australians choosing this is not to drink, abstaining is more common than it may seem,” DrinkWise boss Simon Strahan says.

Those that drink are also reducing their intake.

In 2019-17, with alcohol consumed within australia was at its lowest since 1961-62 as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“For the foremost part, Australians get a positive relationship with alcohol,” Simon says.

“The largest part of us drink moderately, while relaxing and enjoying a meal with best friends and family.

“Young adults are drinking less overall and the rates of underage drinking are decreasing.

How in avoiding drinking excessively at social functions

Simon’s some tips on expenses alcohol intake include:

Written by Erin Miller.