Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Plank Attack’ Move Will Tone Your Glutes and Core


With all the butt-kicking Priyanka Chopra does on ABC’s Quantico, it appears only right to highlight her, um, assets. After all, those glutes would be the reason for running, jumping, and kicking the actress does on set. A move that can help amp your backside: the Plank Attack. “It can make you engage your core, while the leg repetitions lift your butt,” explains Isaac Calpito, a SoulCycle and SoulAnnex instructor in New York City that has trained Chopra previously. Be consistent with this move as well as your strength, endurance, and perkiness will soar.

Jess Levinson

Start inside a forearm plank with hands clasped, abs tight, and toes tucked (A). Hold the position for 30 seconds. Next, lift left leg, pulsing it up for 20 reps (B). Lower left leg, after which lift right leg and repeat that pulsing motion for another 20 reps. Repeat the entire sequence from start to finish Three times.