Celebrate Easter with self made delights


Celebrate Easter aware of your loved ones, whip some delightful dishes utilize the recipes provided by experts.?Olivier Vincenot, Corporate Chef at Foodhall and Sahil Wadhwa, Director, Wadhwa Bakers, have given few recipes:

* Hot Cross Bun

Recipe for 30 buns of 75 gms each


For the dough

1 Kg flour (maida)
600 ml full-fat milk
100 gms butter
15 gms gluten
10 gms bread improver
2 teaspoon salt
150 gm sugar
150 gm raisins
15 gms dry yeast
100 gms mixed orange peel
2 tablespoon of cinnamon powder
2 eggs (beaten)
1 zest orange

For the Cross

50 gms flour

For the glaze

6 tablespoon apricot jam (or any jam available)

Boil milk within a saucepan and add butter and aside to cool down. Inside of a mixing bowl, add most of the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, yeast, gluten, and bread improver). Start knitting the dough with the help of milk butter mix and beaten eggs. Knit the dough until thoroughly mix and gutten is formed.

Once the dough is correctly knitted add raisins, oranges and mixed peels and cinnamon powder. After the dough is actually all mixed, oil the bowl and make the dough for proofing. The moment the dough is of double sized divide into 75 gms ball and set proofing again.

Add water for the flour and also the flour-dusted table knit the dough and cut strips as well as put on the bun to establish a cross. Bake at 200 degree celsius for 25 minutes.

Method with the glaze

Gently heat apricot jam to melt although the jam still is warm brush too much with the hot buns leaving it to cool down the.


* Easter Fruit Cake


300 gms flour
7.5 gms baking powder
215 gms castor sugar
200 gms butter
5 gms vanilla essence
15 gms apricot jam
1.5 gms cinnamon
1 gms nutmeg powder
2 pieces clove
2 pieces cardamom
150 gms tutti fruity
150 gms peels
150 gms figs
100 gms cranberry


In a mixing bowl, add all of the dry ingredients and mix well (flour, baking powder, sugar, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, ground cardamom, ground cloves). Within a planetary mixture, whisk butter and sugar until creamy.

Once the butter and sugar are mixed add eggs individually and blend. In the event the eggs are incorporated with butter and sugar add dry ingredients and blend well to build the dessert batter. Now add vanilla essence, raisins, white cranberry, orange peel, tutty fruity and figs on the batter.

Once most of the ingredients are mixed properly then reserved. Grease the mold and pour the batter and bake at 200 celsius for 45 minutes. It’s the growing season to rejoice and take pleasure in the celebration of life, death, rebirth and survival by spreading the benefits through well-loved Easter foods.


* Capirotada

Serves Six or eight people
Dish size: Length 30 cm, width 20cm


Sweet pudding mix:
Milk tonned 1000 gm 500
Castor sugar 1000 gm 70
Cinnamon powder 1000 gm 1
Eggs whole 1000 gm 150


Mix every one of the ingredient together in a hand bowl having a whisk. Reserve for 20 minutes at room temperature

Brioche bread gm 250
Raisins gm 50
Sweet pudding mix gm 700
Almond flakes gm 50
Black currants gm 30


Slice and place the brioche bread across the baking dish/container slightly overlapping oneself. Add little raisin, almonds and currants and arrange bread slices on the top. Add other countries in the dry fruits inside and add slices if required. Pour sweet pudding mix slowly too much and fill so that the bread slices
soak inside the liquid.

Bake at 180C degree in deck oven on the bain-marie for 30 minutes or till the custard has set and golden brown from top.


Easter Chocolate Eggs


Dark morde compound 1000 gm 280
White morde compound 1000 gm 300
Milk morde compound 1000 gm 100
Dark Red colour 1000 gm 2
Pea Green colour 1000 gm 2
Silver dust 1000 gm 0.01
Golden dust 1000 gm 0.01
Tiffany deluxe toffee 1000 gm 50
(8 assorted toffies)


Melt the dark compound and line the molds. Weight of two shells – 2mm thick and approximately 65-67 gm each. Melt 200gm white chocolate and add some colours (make 2 different sheets with 100gm white chocolate and two gm red colour and 100gm sweet and 2gm green colour). Thickness coming from all different chocolate sheets might be 1.5mm max but not much more than this. Melt many of the 3 chocolates and produce sheets of merely one.5mm thickness.

Cut every one of the 5 chocolate (red, green, dark, white and milk) sheets which has a round mould of two.5cm diameter while keeping the discs aside. Brush gold dust and silver dust on candy discs.

To make the sweets dome base –

Melt chocolate and line the silicon dome mold- weight 35gm Silicone dome mould dimension – 7.5cm diameter and 5cm height. Fill assorted toffies inside one shell and seal with the other chocolate shell by heating the perimeters on the hot tray and joining the two shells to make a complete egg, wipe excess chocolate from sides so that your joining line is not visible.

For phase 2 to chop a dent inside chocolate dome base, heat the round cutter spanning a hot tray and as per the pic below complete a hole during the chocolate dome concentrating on the same 2.5cm ring cutter used to cut various coloured chocolate discs above and connect the chocolate egg made above in the dome just as where the egg was joined.

Stick the several coloured chocolate discs on top of the chocolate egg.