Is bath wash or bath milk better for my baby?


Knowing the right products to make usage of and how they make an effort to nurture your baby’s delicate skin is goal for the team at Thankyou Baby.

As a dad or mom, it can be a little overwhelming seeing the sheer product range available for your little one.

Two products that are often confused are bath wash and bath milk. It’s to to understand the difference between the two and whether you’ll need both.

Here’s what you want to know.

Baby Bath Wash

The primary intent of bath wash is to find your baby clean.

The skin of babies and younger children is up to more thinner than adult skin, so baby bath wash has to be softly massaged to the lather to gently clean your bub. See many every time you wash your infant.

Thankyou Baby Bath Wash contains oat and chamomile extracts that happen to be super mild and soothing and can help ready your baby for bed. It’s advisable used with Thankyou Baby Lotion to retain moisture and help stop skin from flaking.

Tip: Include a little pump to running bath water to build a small bubble bath with regard to added fun.

Main purpose: To softly remove dirt and oils, while leaving fish oils.

Secondary purpose: To moisturise and soothe the.

Baby Bath Milk

While bath wash is for gentle cleansing, bath milk is manufactured primarily to nourish and moisturise.

It’s an excellent option for newborns (who, after, don’t get as dirty as toddlers), babies or infants with dry or sensitive skin. In contrast to bubbles, it produces a milky bath, that could be perfect for adding moisture into the skin.

Thankyou Baby Bath Milk has goats milk, that is definitely rich in nutrition and to be able to protect the actual skin. It also helps to appease and protect from eczema as well as other skin irritations and can be used with Thankyou Baby Lotion to really lock in moisture within the skin.

Tip: Thankyou have?had reports from parents the fact that the milk is very effective as?a mild face cleanser on their behalf too.

Main purpose: To moisturise and help soothe sensitive skin.

Secondary purpose: To gently clean your infant.

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