30-Minute Abs-Strengthening Club Pilates Workout


Strengthening your abs isn’t about fitting into your skinny jeans. Having a strong midsection improves your posture, balance, and alignment and may help prevent injuries too. Lucky for you, you don’t have to spend hours during a workout session to tone up your tummy.

This 30-minute core strengthening workout from CLUB Pilates brings the reformer-based class to your living roomCat no cost. If you are tired of your ab routine and also you hate counting reps and sets, follow along with instructor Sarah Luna as she goes via a fast-paced routine full of Pilates variations of classic stomach crunches.

The routine starts out with a six-minute full-body warmup to get your muscles ready and your heart pumping. Then, you’ll begin the core work by getting into crunch position and pumping your arms. Next, you’ll undertake different variations of bicycles, leg lifts, bridges, and scissors. After some supermans, plank variations, and arm extensions, you’ll end the workout with push-ups and hip flexor stretches.

Although the main target of this routine is the core, Luna designed the workout to interact the whole body, so don’t be surprised if you think the burn inside your glutes, legs, and arms too. She also adds in some stretches between the exercises to help release any tension you may be feeling in the day.

After completing this workout, Luna says your body will feel strong and long. We recommend doing this routine a few times per week to attain those strong abs in no time.